Industrial Capital Group, LLC. Product Lines: The Total Financing Solution

Small Ticket Lease Programs
Industrial Capital has one of the most effective and marketable small ticket lease programs in the leasing industry today. A few of the major benefits for qualified companies are:

Middle Market Lease Product
Industrial Capital has developed one of the industry’s most creative, flexible and competitive lease programs for larger transactions (over $100,000). Our diverse financial resources allow Industrial Capital to fund leases for various types of companies under a number of flexible structures, including seasonal or variable payment programs, graduated payment programs, and skip and step payment structures.

Equipment Vendor Programs
Industrial Capital works with a wide range of equipment vendors (manufacturers, distributors, and dealers) designing programs for specific customer equipment needs. An Industrial Capital program manager is available to work with you, including direct client calls, as the situation warrants.

Lease Lines of Credit
For companies with good credit standing, we will provide a special Industrial Capital Lease Line. By establishing this lease line, our customers not only gain the benefits of leasing, they will also gain the special advantage of available financing when negotiating a purchase of new equipment.

Municipal Leasing
Industrial Capital’s tax-exempt leasing program offers qualified state and local governments, public agencies, schools, public and not-for-profit hospitals an attractive and increasingly popular method of raising needed funds without relying on conventional financing, additional taxes, or bond issues.